Prevent Pet Ear Infections in Cupertino!

Do your pet's ears look dirty? Under normal conditions, an animal's ears have the ability to cleanse themselves and flush out particulate matter. The dirty-looking matter in your beloved friend's ears could be a sign of various pet ear problems, including a dog or cat ear infection. Fortunately, our Cupertino veterinarian at Pet Ear Care Center, Dr. Munir Kureshi, has the skills, experience and advanced technologies to identify the source of those pet ear problems and provide the necessary treatment for them.

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When "Dirt" in the Ear Calls for Our Cupertino Veterinarian

The "dirt" you're seeing in your pet's ears may not actually be dirt in the strictest sense of the term -- but that doesn't mean it should be ignored, either. A dark-colored discharge could be a sign that the outer ear is plugged with old, dirty wax, which can affect your pet's hearing. Particles that look like coffee grounds may be the result of an ear mite infestation, a serious condition that can cause your pet to scratch at the ear until it is wounded and prone to infection. A cat or dog ear infection can produce discharges that resemble dirt as well, with either bacteria or yeast serving as the infectious agent.

Even if you're not a veterinarian, you may be able to notice additional signs that link those dirty ears to a possible dog or cat ear infection. These signs include a foul smell from the ear, redness, swelling or other signs of inflammation. If your pet shrinks away from your examination or shows other signs of pain, that's another reason to suspect a cat or dog ear infection.

Pet Ear Care Center Can Deal With That Dirt Problem!

Bring your pet ear problem to our Cupertino veterinarian at Pet Ear Care Center. Dr. Kureshi can examine the affected ear both with the naked eye and through the use of sophisticated diagnostic tools. We employ an advanced device called a video-otoscope which allows us to view the middle ear under extreme magnification while also also performing a myringotomy (if necessary) to release fluid from an infection behind the ear drum. Antibiotics may also be prescribed to get a bacterial ear infection under control.

Ear mite infestations that create dark, dirty specks can also be treated by our Cupertino veterinarian. First we flush out all the debris to cleanse the ear thoroughly. We will then apply a prescribed ear mite medication and instruct you on how often to use the medication at home. If ear wax is the problem, we can apply a solution to soften the wax and then carefully extract it to relieve pressure and hearing impairment. Our Cupertino veterinarian can also advise you on routine ear cleanings to help your pet's ears remain free of infection and debris.

Don't dismiss that discharge as mere dirt. Call (408) 252-6380 to schedule an appointment for your pet in Cupertino with Pet Ear Care Center!

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