Pet Dental FAQs


Why is it important to have my pet’s teeth cleaned regularly?

Like people, pets need regular dental cleaning to remove plaque and tartar buildup. If not removed, this buildup may lead to periodontal disease and more serious health problems. To help keep your pets teeth healthy, Cupertino Animal Hospital recommends regular dental checkups, dental cleaning and the use of the OraVet System. To learn more about the OraVet system, read the FAQ’s below. If you have additional questions, please feel free to give us a call to discuss if OraVet is right for your pet.

I feed my pet a dental diet or dental chews. Isn’t that enough to keep its teeth clean?

Dental diets and dental chews can scrape off plaque above the gum line to varying degrees, but do little to remove plaque under the gum line. After a thorough cleaning and application of Oravet Barrier Sealant, continued use of Oravet at home prevents bacteria from adhering to your pet’s teeth, so it significantly reduces plaque and tartar formation above and below the gum line.

What can I do to keep my pets teeth clean?

After an in-clinic dental cleaning, OraVet barrier sealant can be applied to protect cleaned teeth which fills in all the little cracks in the teeth to provide additional protection.

What is the difference OraVet System?

OraVet System

  • In-clinc application of sealant during the dental procedure.
  • At-home, weekly follow up kit.

If requested, we can apply Oravet barrier sealant during the dental procedure.

To maintain this protective barrier, apply OraVet Plaque Prevention Gel to your pet’s gum line weekly at home.

In addition to reducing bacteria that can cause bad breath, OraVet Plaque Prevention Gel may help extend the time between cleanings.

Is OraVet safe for my pet?

Absolutely. OraVet Barrier Sealant and OraVet Plaque Prevention Gel are non-toxic and may be used in pets of any age.
If I brush my pet’s teeth regularly, should I still use OraVet Plaque Prevention Gel?
Yes. The gel is effective with or without regular brushing and it’s easy to integrate into your regular pet dental care routine. Simply apply the gel once a week as directed.

Why does Cupertino Animal Hospital use and recommend OraVet?

Oravet has been clinically proven to significantly reduce plaque and tartar formation.

Where can I buy OraVet Plaque Prevention Gel?

The OraVet system is available exclusively through your veterinarian.

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