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Silicon Valley’s Cupertino Animal Hospital Now Offers On-Site CT Scanning with Xoran’s Portable VetCAT

Cupertino Animal Hospital in San Jose California is now offering on-site CT scans for pets with VetCAT, a small portable CT scanner from Xoran Technologies LLC.

Why CT? At pet ear care center we realize that many ear problems are chronic and non-responsive to the treatment. As we know, the ear problems can be one of the most painful experiences in a lifetime. In order to treat ear diseases, proper diagnosis is a must. After years of experience treating difficult ear conditions, what we realize is for accurate diagnosis you need experience, endoscopic evaluation, and the CT report. We have over 24 years of experience treating some of the most challenging ear cases using endoscope. Endoscope provides a phenomenal view of the disease process, it still cannot visualize all different locations of the middle ear. To understand the pathophysiology of the middle ear disease, the CT gives an in-depth view of the changes which causes chronic ear diseases. Pet Ear Care Center now offers in-house high definition CT, which takes less than 15 seconds.

VetCAT CT scans take only 10 seconds and generate high-quality 3D x-ray images of the anatomy, enabling the Veterinarians at Cupertino Animal Hospital to quickly identify hidden diseases and injuries at the time of their patients’ exams. This means more accurate diagnosis and faster treatment for pets. Because the CT scan is displayed on the VetCAT unit itself, pet owners can see their pet’s CT scan in real time, so they can better understand their pet’s problem and make informed decisions about the treatment options presented by their Doctor.

By adopting advanced imaging technology for on-site diagnosis, Cupertino Animal Hospital stands out from other Veterinary Clinics, which typically refer pets to offsite locations for CT scans on conventional full-body “donut” style CT scanners, which are so massive, complex and expensive that they are typically seen only in hospitals and large imaging centers. By eliminating the delay and costs for off-site referral for CT scans, Cupertino Animal Hospital can give pet parents immediate answers about their pet’s condition and peace of mind in their decisions about treatment options.

Seeing the joy of passionate Veterinarians when discovering 3D images of their patients for the first time is an amazing experience” said David Sarment, DDS, MS, President of Xoran Technologies. 

We are excited to use cutting-edge technology. With VetCAT, I can finally see XRs in three-dimensions. It is easy to use and makes me a better Doctor.”, says Dr. Munir Kureshi, DVM, owner of Animal Cupertino Hospital in Cupertino, California.

About Xoran Technologies:

Xoran is a pioneer and medical market leader in point-of-care CT scanners since 2001. Founded by research scientists from the University of Michigan, Xoran is a privately held company, self-funded through NIH grants and operational revenue from its suite of innovative CT systems and services. Xoran is dedicated to exceptional customer service, and all its CT systems are supported by Xoran engineers with OEM parts. In addition to its VetCAT scanner, Xoran’s product line includes MiniCAT IQ and MiniCAT 2020 upright point-of-care CT scanners, and xCAT XL and xCAT IQ portable medical CT scanners for use in the ER, OR, and ICU.

Learn more at www.xorantech.com

About Cupertino Animal Hospital: Cupertino Animal Hospital is a full-service veterinary hospital providing complete veterinary medical and surgical services for dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, guinea pigs, rabbits, ferrets and rodents.  It is the preferred and leading veterinary hospital in the Silicon Valley, by providing state-of-the-art veterinary medicine, individualized patient care, friendly customer service, and a great workplace.

Learn more at www.cupertinovet.com

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