We value our clients' experience at Cupertino Animal Hospital. If your pet or animal is currently a patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.

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Munir Kureshi

Dr. Kureshi has looked after our pet Jesse for over 16 years. Through normal checkup to emergency surgery he has always been there for us. Jesse passed away last night peacefully at home, but the effect Dr. Kureshi and the staff at Cupertino Animal Hospital have had on our time with Jesse has been profound and greatly appreciated.

Frank C. in Saratoga

My parents referred me to the Cupertino Animal Hospital, as they have had many positive experiences with our dogs there over the years. I brought my rabbit in for an exam and the staff was very sweet and gentle with him. Dr. Kureshi was very thorough and provided me with more information about rabbit care and nutrition in one visit than my previous vet did the entire time. He is VERY knowledgable about rabbits. It's comforting to know that my bunny will always be in good hands!

Natalie Y. in Cupertino

Took my cat there for nearly 21 years. Yes - she died a few weeks shy of her 21st birthday. Dr. Kureshi is extremely knowledgeable and kind. The entire staff is very compassionate and caring. I would give 10 stars if I could!!

Kay S. in Cupertino

Dear Dr. Kureshi,

I am writing for two reasons. First, to share how grateful I am for the way your care and treatments have impacted the quality of life for both me and my 10 year old Cocker Spaniel, Canela.

I came to you and your Ear Care Center as a last resort about a year ago, when the chronic issues with my dog's ears had gotten to the point where both were swollen shut, she could not hear at all, and she was up most of each night rubbing her ears and shaking her head to find some kind of relief. After many visits to vets in both San Jose and San Diego, and the application of multiple cleaning fluids and different medications - I was told that my dog was a candidate for the very invasive and expensive TECA operation - the Total Ear Canal Ablation.

This scared me. So after doing some research about other options, we found our way to you. And from you I learned what no other vet had ever told me about my dog's ears since she has been mine - first you taught me about the structure of the ear itself. And next, you provided me the opportunity to look into the canal of my dog's ear to see what was going on. You explained how medicine would not be effective until the ear canal was cleaned and less inflamed. And so the process of healing Canela's ear canals began by using your creative suction device.

Within 2 months of my first visit to see you, Canela's ear canals were open, we could see the eardrum in one of her ears, she was able to hear again, and the head shaking and ear rubbing stopped. She also began to get her old personality back - she wanted to play again. It was clear she felt much better and the pain she must have been experiencing was gone - or at least exponentially reduced.

Today, now a year later - Canela's ears are clean and still healthy. Not only was this plan of action more financially viable for me - it was much less traumatic from my dog.

Thank you Dr. Kureshi and all of your staff for making my Canela healthy, happy and a hearing dog again!

With great respect and joy,

Cathy & Canela

Hi Dr. Kureshi!

I was talking to my parents on the phone last night and Nero (you met him when he was a puppy) is not doing so well. They were talking to me about the problems he's having and all the problems they are having out there finding a vet that is knowledgeable, competent, and honest. I have a few friends who are vets that work in bigger clinics, and they also have said how the field can be saturated with people just out to make money and prey on people's love for their pets. It almost sounds like they are car dealers and not veterinarians.

It just made me think how totally fortunate we were to have found you! You are an incredible vet and person. Your honest love for animals is so apparent in every visit. Thank you so much for keeping so many of my pets alive and healthy for so long! Whenever I come in with any of my girls, I know that we are in the best hands possible. I know that any advice or treatment will be in the best interest of my little ones. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for everything you've done for us (and all your other lucky clients) over the years.

Maria P. Campbell, CA

I work for an avian vet & she recommended Dr. Kureshi when I asked her for a good vet for my dogs. I've needed to take my 10 year old dog in for quite some time now but have been procrastinating as he is terrified of the vet & is a nightmare to handle. Or so I thought....

I finally made an appointment with Dr. Kureshi. I was very nervous about the appointment and was dreading it. We got to the appointment a few minutes early & was promptly greeted by a girl who was working up front. She was friendly & gave me the necessary paperwork to fill out since it was our first visit.

My dog was muzzled for everyones safety. They took him in the back to pull blood & examine him. I waited in the exam room to hear the screeching & screaming. But NOTHING!! Absolutely nothing! Not a peep! One of the techs came in our room to let us know that our dog was doing great!

One of Dr. Kureshi's techs, Ezra, was incredibly amazing with our dog. She handled him beautifully!! She pet his little head and spoke very softly to him; it obviously brought him tons of comfort. And therefore the visit was a HUGE SUCCESS!!

I definitely recommend Dr. Kureshi & staff to everyone. They've got themselves a client for as long as Dr. Kureshi is in practice ::))

Diana K. Cupertino, CA

Came here to get Ellie (my shih tzu) her updated Bordella vaccine. Dr. K did a check up on her as well and gave me a couple recommendations regarding her diet. The vaccine was quick and painless and we were in and out of there in no time. I like his professionalism and efficiency. No long waits! I was a new client so i got a discount and also got a vaccine discount for coming on Thursday. The staff here is excellent. Will definitely be coming back.

dobi d. San Jose, CA

After visiting 6-7 vets around the Bay Area over the past 3-4 years, I have finally stopped looking for a vet. Dr. Kureshi is great and gentle with my dogs (even though my dog is still quite the chicken in the vet's office) and was extremely knowledgeable and more importantly honest about everything my dogs needed. One of my dogs had been on Orijen, supposedly the best dog food out there, for almost a year but developed some urine crystals based on his lab tests. Dr. Kureshi suggested switching back to IAMS since he had been on that for the first 8 years of his life. And just like that, the urine crystals went away! In addition, I've brought my dogs here for issues with swallowing objects, stool problems, skin growths, and many others. One of my dogs had to be on medication for a good 6 months or so and Dr. Kureshi was always available to chat when I needed to ask about dosage (since it gradually got to be less and less). In addition, my other dog had an emergency at a 24 hour pet hospital and Cupertino Animal Hospital actually called me to see how she was doing (since they had been faxed some paperwork). Its pretty rare that staff and vets call you or even ask for updates on your pet, especially when they are not being treated directly at that vet! So I definitely appreciate that about this clinic. Also, the shots discount on Tues/Thurs are great. They definitely seem very wallet conscious here. When my dog had a growth removed and stitches taken out many weeks later, they didn't even charge me for that second visit/check-up. Things like that is what keeps me coming back to this hospital.

Alan R. Cupertino, CA

Dr K does a great job and staff loves the animals so our experiences for years and years has been great


Regarding Pet Dental I feel this observation is extreemly important especially if you really love your pet. I have a cat that I'm extreemly close to and over a couple months time I couldn't help but notice that his personality didn't quite shine as much as before. Long story made short, he needed a tooth extracted which had been bothering him for some time. It had to be the equivalent of us needing a root canal. He was in terrible pain but they have no way of communicating this to us and they don't dramatize they we humans do. Dr.Kureshi took great care of him and it was though he underwent a personality change afterward. He was simply no longer in excruciating pain. It's very important to get your pet's dental health checked regularly and this doctor is very caring. Randy S.

Eric M. Cupertino, CA

Dr. Kureshi is great. I took my min pin there when he was born, great service, and great staff. Used him again recently and he quickly found out what was wrong with my now 14 year old dog and put him on the proper medication. My little min pin is still kicking and doing better everyday. I will continue to use Cupertino Animal Hospital for years to come.

Norma A. Sunnyvale, CA

Before getting my puppy I did a lot of research on getting a reliable vet and all signs pointed here. I reviewed the information on the website and was sold when I read about all the services they provide. They even have 50% off shots (Tuesdays & Thursdays) I was most impressed with the Puppy Package, since this was my first puppy and I wasn't sure what surprises might come up or which shots my puppy would need and when. I figured these visits would be helpful when I had questions and would ensure I would stick to a regular schedule for the shots. After getting my puppy (Georgia) I made an appointment for the following week. Everyone at the office was very nice and explained the Puppy package since I was a new client. Dr. Kureshi also mentioned during the examination and I thought it was the best thing for me and Georgia. The doctor and staff also answered my list of question and told me to feel free to call if any thing came up in the mean time. I can't stress how easy the Puppy Package has made it for me in having a healthy puppy. I also liked that they give you access to their online portal which gives you health information regarding your pet and future appointments scheduled. The package is a great deal, when you think about the cost for individual shots and individual exam visits it can add up quick. So $265 is very affordable. I can confidently say that this is going to be our family vet from now on and I will definitely recommend to my friends and family.

Eric C. Cupertino, CA

So I had been procrastinating on taking my two cats to the vet for their checkups - partly because they're indoor cats and seem to be always healthy, but mostly because of the screaming, howling, hissing, crying, scratching, biting, shedding, hiding experience that taking them anywhere devolves to.

So loading them into their carriers was the usual (not) fun, and the ride there was unpleasant (really, cats, I understand you're unhappy but howling the whole way is a bit much), but from there on Dr. Kureshi and his staff made the experience as painless as possible. It's apparent they really care about the health and well-being of my cats, and the gentle care they showed my cats seemed to put the cats at ease.

Dr. Kureshi's recommendations for shots and tests were well explained and very reasonable, and he did a great job answering all my questions. The visit felt very relaxed and not rushed as some of my other experiences at vets have been. And to top it off, the prices were very reasonable (50% off vaccinations on Tuesdays and Thursdays)!

Highly recommended, both by me and my cats!

Crystal S. San Mateo, CA

I really can't praise the Dr. or his staff any higher. I've seen a LOT of vets. Some wanted to do tests that were unnecessary. Some argued that there are no such things as 3 year rabies shots (I had gotten them at the ASPCA, so I certainly DID know that there are 3 year shots!), some claimed that my cat had all sorts of problems that he very obviously does not have. I don't want a vet trying to make a buck. I want a vet who takes care of my animals and is straight forward about it. And this is the place to go for that. The Dr. always explains to me very clearly what the diagnoses is and method of treatment, and is always great about answering any questions I may have, even if I just stop in to pick up cat food or whatever. I also want his staff to be friendly, and to love animals as much as I do, and Jeannine and Angelica certainly do that. They even sent me photos of my cat while he was recuperating from the biopsy. They're the best! Also they offer coupons, email reminders for shots and teeth cleaning, online viewing of your pets medical files, and they send birthday cards via email to the pets. Awesome! I've never met a vet who was so connected to the web. It's really helpful. I've got the best cat ever and was pretty alarmed when he started puking a lot. We x-rayed him. We gave him hairball medicine. Finally the prednisone worked. Long story short, we did a biopsy and he was recently diagnosed with small cell lymphoma. Dr. Kureshi did the biopsy and recommended that I go see a particular oncologist. Thanks to these two wonderful people and close monitoring, my cat will probably live a few more years. The treatments they have prescribed are working well and the cat doesn't know or act like he's sick. I consider that a big success especially for his quality of life. Dr. Kureshi and his staff have been a great help in dealing with this situation. Also, I rescued a rabbit last year and took him to Dr. Kureshi who was able to explain to me very exactly how bunnies should be taken care of, and the rabbit has made a 180 degree turnaround. When I got him he was too fat, could barely hop, his claws were 2" long, his poo stuck to his fur and he was very unhappy. Now thanks to the Dr.s recommendations (and claw clipping) he hops around the back yard just fine, has shed the excess roll of fat under his chin, his poo doesn't stick to him, and he's just about the happiest and nicest rabbit I've ever had. Again, thanks to the Dr.s exam and great explantion of how to turn him around. Even the oncologist vet had nice things to say about Dr. Kureshi, and I would think vets would be a good judge of how other vets are. This really is the best place.

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