Moisture in Pet Ears

Our Cupertino veterinarian treats many common and advanced ear conditions in pets, including excess moisture. Dr. Munir Kureshi, a leading pet ear specialist in Cupertino, attracts clients from all over the San Francisco Bay Area. Our Pet Ear Care Center is unlike other veterinary clinics. Here, we focus solely on treating cat and dog ear conditions. Our expertise makes Pet Ear Care Center the best place to go if your animal is suffering from an ear problem.

Why is Excessive Ear Moisture a Problem?

Bacteria and yeast require three things to grow: a food source, the right temperature and water. When excess moisture is present in your pet's ear, the environment is just right for excess bacteria and yeast to grow, quickly leading to an ear infection.

How does Moisture Become Trapped in Your Pet's Ear?

  • Swimming or bathing: Just like humans, dogs can develop swimmers ear after spending time in the lake, pool or bathtub. Even playing in the rain or romping around on an especially humid day can trap moisture in your pet's ears. You may be able to remove the moisture with swimmers ear drops and prevent an ear infection.
  • Allergies: Moisture doesn't always enter from the outside. Sometimes the moisture is produced from within the ear. For example, dog allergies and cat allergies can cause these animals' ears to secrete moisture and become inflamed. This inflammation then allows bacteria and yeast to grow in larger amounts than normal and potentially cause an ear infection.
  • Infection: If moisture has been trapped in your pet's ears for a while, sometimes the resulting infection can secrete moisture and create a snowball effect that makes it difficult for your pet to recover.

Moisture In Ear Canal

Moisture in Vertical Canal

Prevent Moisture in Your Pet's Ears

Humid weather, water playtime and your pet's ears don't mix, especially if you have a dog with low-hanging ears, such as a cocker spaniel, bloodhound or basset hound. These breeds are particularly susceptible to ear problems because air can't easily get inside to evaporate excess moisture.

As a preventative measure, strive to keep your dog's ears dry, clean and free of debris. Even cats with their erect ears aren't immune from moisture buildup. Use a cotton ball to clean the outside ear area and a little ways into your pet's ear canal. Avoid inserting cotton swabs into the ear since this could damage the eardrum.

Remove Moisture from Your Pet's Ears

As mentioned earlier, you can use swimmers ear drops to help dry up moisture trapped from playing in the water. However, if an ear infection has already set in, or the moisture is too great for ear drops to treat, bring your dog or cat to see our Cupertino veterinarian.

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Dr. Kureshi is always on the lookout for the latest advances in veterinary medicine to provide his furry patients with the safest and best care possible. To schedule an appointment, contact Pet Ear Care Center online or call (408) 252-6380.

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