Pet Wellness

Junior and Senior Wellness

Comprehensive Wellness Exams & Bloodwork

Just like humans, your pets can benefit from annual check-ups to keep them healthy and catch problems early on before they become life threatening.

Wellness Testing & Exams can provide us with a clear picture of your pet's overall health:

  • It can help identify medical issues in the early stages so your pet can be diagnosed and treated properly. Such as:
    • Anemia
    • Cancer
    • Diabetes
    • Infection
    • Inflammation
    • Diseases of the heart, intestines, kidneys, liver, pancreas, and thyroid
  • If all tests are normal, it can provide us with baseline data for future healthcare needs, and can give you the most important thing: peace of mind.

Junior Wellness - Once A Year

For Pets Under Age 7
Get your pets off to a good healthy start in life. Annual Junior Wellness Exams can help by preventing and treating problems early on. These tests also give us a baseline for comparison in later years. Bloodwork includes free heartworm testing + 25 diagnostic tests.

Senior Wellness - Twice A Year

For Pets Over Age 7
Prevention is the key to keeping your senior pet healthy and happy. This is why we recommend regular Senior Wellness Exams twice a year.
Bloodwork includes free heartworm testing + 25 diagnostic tests.
Learn more about Senior Wellness click here »

Before Surgical Procedures

Before surgery or dental procedures, we run tests to provide important information that makes anesthesia safer.
Learn more about Pre-Anesthetic Testing, click here »

Remember: pets aren't complainers and won't always let you know when they're not feeling well.

Benefits »

  • Early Detection
  • Early Treatment
Content used with permission; based on material provided by: IDEXX Laboratories and Antech Diagnostics

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