Pet Ear Services at Cupertino Animal Hospital

Pet Ear Care Services in Cupertino

  • Chronic ear treatment
  • Deep ear cleaning
  • Ear endoscopy
  • Ear culture
  • Minimally invasive ear tumor removal with surgical otoscope and laser
  • Complete ear evaluation
  • Foxtail removal with electronic otoscope
  • Video-otoscopy
  • Pinpoint diagnosis of ear problem and treatment
  • Client education on ear problems in pets
  • Prevention of chronic ear problem
  • Myringotomy
  • Middle ear flush and treatment
  • Evaluation of middle ear
  • Evaluation of Eustachian tube
  • Video-otoscopic images of ear pathology for records and the future treatment

Basic Services

Our pet ear doctor at Pet Ear Care Center treats many common and advanced ear conditions in pets. Some of the common conditions include infection, allergies, dermatitis, ear canal obstruction, ear mites, yeast, excess wax, foxtail.

Advanced Services

As a pet owner it is important to know that all advanced and complicated ear pathology start as a basic, common ear problem. If the basic ear problem is ignored, not identified at early stage or not treated properly, it becomes chronic, lifelong, painful ear problem in pets when the suffering becomes part of life. Some of the advanced ear conditions Pet Ear Care Center treats include laser growth removal, nasopharyngeal polyp surgery, mummified foxtail removal, endoscopic deep ear cleaning, ear canal ablation, myringotomy, treatment of tympanic bull, primary secretory otitis media, vestibular disease, diagnostic ear endoscopic imaging and many others.

Early diagnosis and treatment is essential to preventing long-term ear problems. Common symptoms in the beginning includes excessive scratching of the ear, odor coming from the ear, unusual yellow,brown or bloody discharge, redness, swelling, and crusts or scabs on the inside of the outer ear. If you notice these symptoms, schedule an appointment with our Cupertino veterinarian as soon as possible.

Benefits of Using a Video Otoscope v Hand Held Otoscope

Magnification 100x + 2.5.5x
Field of View large small
Diagnostic yes limited
Sharing Capability yes no
Image/Video Capturing yes no
Visualization of Vertical & Horizontal Ear Canal ultra fine detail limited detail
Visualization of Tympanic Bulla easily possible almost possible
Can be Used as Surgical Unit yes limited
Deep Ear Cleaning working channel no working channel
Complete Removal of Foxtail verifiable non verifiable
Myringotomy very accurate challenging
Ear Pathology Can be Viewed by Veterinarian and Owner Yes No
Cost $$$-$$$$ $-$$

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