How to put medication in my pet's ears?

After your pet’s veterinarian performs the appropriate diagnostics and determines the proper treatment for your pet’s condition they may send home medication that needs to be applied into your pet’s ears on a regular basis. Correct application of medication into the ear is very important and if done incorrectly could lead to further problems. It is always best to thoroughly review how to apply ear medication with your veterinarian during your pet’s exam.

Here are a few pointers that may help:

  • The medication needs to be deposited to where the infection is in the ear. This means that if the infection is deeper in the ear canals applying the medication to the pinna (outside on the ear) will not help.
  • Large breed dogs tend to have very long ear canals so getting the medication to the correct spot can require special attention.
    1. Lift the ear
    2. Insert the tip of an applicator and lower the ear along with applicator
    3. Deposit the medication
  • Smaller breed dogs tend to have smaller ear canals so care should be given not to insert the medication applicator too deep into the ear.
    1. Lift the ear so that the ear canal is straight
    2. Insert the applicator all the way: Do not lower the ear after inserting the applicator
    3. Deposit the medication


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